A likely Micro-quasar in the Shadow of M82 X-1

25 Feb 2015  ·  Xu Xiao-jie, Liu Jifeng, Liu Jiren ·

The ultra-luminous X-ray source (ULX) M82 X-1 is one of the most promising intermediate mass black hole candidates in the local universe based on its high X-ray luminosities ($10^{40}-10^{41} {\rm erg s^{-1}}$) and quasi-periodic oscillations, and is possibly associated with a radio flare source. In this work, applying the sub-pixel technique to the 120 ks Chandra observation (ID: 10543) of M82 X-1, we split M82 X-1 into two sources separated by 1.1$\arcsec$... The secondary source is not detected in other M82 observations. The radio flare source is found to associate not with M82 X-1, but with the nearby transient source S1 with an outburst luminosity of $\sim 10^{39} {\rm erg s^{-1}}$. With X-ray outburst and radio flare activities analogous to the recently discovered micro-quasar in M31, S1 is likely to be a micro-quasar hidden in the shadow of M82 X-1. read more

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High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena