A Living Theory Catalogue for Fast Radio Bursts

13 Oct 2018  ·  E. Platts, A. Weltman, A. Walters, S. P. Tendulkar, J. E. B. Gordin, S. Kandhai ·

At present, we have almost as many theories to explain Fast Radio Bursts as we have Fast Radio Bursts observed. This landscape will be changing rapidly with CHIME/FRB, recently commissioned in Canada, and HIRAX, under construction in South Africa... This is an opportune time to review existing theories and their observational consequences, allowing us to efficiently curtail viable astrophysical models as more data becomes available. In this article we provide a currently up to date catalogue of the numerous and varied theories proposed for Fast Radio Bursts so far. We also launch an online evolving repository for the use and benefit of the community to dynamically update our theoretical knowledge and discuss constraints and uses of Fast Radio Bursts. read more

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