A mildly relativistic outflow from the energetic, fast-rising blue optical transient CSS161010 in a dwarf galaxy

23 May 2020 Coppejans D. L. Margutti R. Terreran G. Nayana A. J. Coughlin E. R. Laskar T. Alexander K. D. Bietenholz M. Caprioli D. Chandra P. Drout M. Frederiks D. Frohmaier C. Hurley K. Kochanek C. S. MacLeod M. Meisner A. Nugent P. E. Ridnaia A. Sand D. J. Svinkin D. Ward C. Yang S. Baldeschi A. Chilingarian I. V. Dong Y. Esquivia C. Fong W. Guidorzi C. Lundqvist P. Milisavljevic D. Paterson K. Reichart D. E. Shappee B. Stroh M. C. Valenti S. Zauderer A. Zhang B.

We present X-ray and radio observations of the Fast Blue Optical Transient (FBOT) CRTS-CSS161010 J045834-081803 (CSS161010 hereafter) at t=69-531 days. CSS161010 shows luminous X-ray ($L_x\sim5\times 10^{39}\,\rm{erg\,s^{-1}}$) and radio ($L_{\nu}\sim10^{29}\,\rm{erg\,s^{-1}Hz^{-1}}$) emission... (read more)

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