A Multi-wavelength search for Black Widows and Redbacks counterparts of candidate $\gamma$-ray millisecond pulsars

28 Jul 2020 Braglia C. University of Milan Mignani R. P. INAF/IASF Milano, Janusz Gil Institute of Astronomy Belfiore A. INAF/IASF Milano Marelli M. INAF/IASF Milano Israel G. L. INAF/OAR Novara G. INAF/IASF Milano, IUSS Pavia De Luca A. INAF/IASF Milano, INFN Pavia Tiengo A. INAF/IASF Milano, INFN Pavia, IUSS Pavia Parkinson P. M. Saz University of California, University of Hong Kong

The wealth of detections of millisecond pulsars (MSPs) in $\gamma$-rays by {\em Fermi} has spurred searches for these objects among the several unidentified $\gamma$-ray sources. Interesting targets are a sub-class of binary MSPs, dubbed "Black Widows" (BWs) and "Redbacks" (RBs), which are in orbit with low-mass non-degenerate companions fully or partially ablated by irradiation from the MSP wind... (read more)

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