A panchromatic spatially resolved analysis of nearby galaxies -- II. The main sequence - gas relation at sub-kpc scale in grand-design spirals

24 Jun 2020 Morselli Laura Rodighiero Giulia Enia Andrea Corbelli Edvige Casasola Viviana Rodriguez-Muñoz Lucia Renzini Alvio Tacchella Sandro Baronchelli Ivano Bianchi Simone Cassata Paolo Franceschini Alberto Mancini Chiara Negrello Mattia Popesso Paola Romano Michael

In the second work of this series, we analyse the connection between the availability of gas and the position of a region with respect to the spatially resolved main sequence (MS) relation. Following the procedure presented in Paper I we obtain 500pc scales estimates of stellar mass and star formation rate surface densities ($\Sigma_{\star}$ and $\Sigma_{\rm{SFR}}$)... (read more)

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