A weak lensing comparability study of galaxy mergers that host AGNs

14 May 2015 Harvey David Courbin Frederic

We compared the total mass density profiles of three different types of galaxies using weak gravitational lensing: (i) 29 galaxies that host quasars at z~0.32 that are in a post-starburst (PSQ) phase with high star formation indicating recent merger activity, (ii) 22 large elliptical galaxies from the SLACS sample that do not host a quasar at z~0.23, and (iii) 17 galaxies that host moderately luminous quasars at z~0.36 powered by disk instabilities, but with no intense star formation. On an initial test we found no evidence for a connection between the merger state of a galaxy and the profile of the halo, with the PSQ profile comparable to that of the other two samples and consistent with the Leauthaud et al. (2014) study of moderately luminous quasars in COSMOS... (read more)

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