AGB stars as tracers to IC 1613 evolution

16 Dec 2017  ·  Hashemi Seyed Azim, Javadi Atefeh, van Loon Jacco Th. ·

We are going to apply AGB stars to find star formation history for IC\,1613 galaxy, this a new and simple method that works well for nearby galaxies. IC\,1613 is a Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy that is located at distance of 750 kpc, a gas rich and isolated dwarf galaxy that has a low foreground extinction... We use the long period variable stars (LPVs) that represent the very final stage of evolution of stars with low and intermediate mass at the AGB phase and are very luminous and cool so that they emit maximum brightness in near--infrared bands. Thus near--infrared photometry with using stellar evolutionary models help us to convert brightness to birth mass and age and from this drive star formation history of the galaxy. We will use the luminosity distribution of the LPVs to reconstruct the star formation history--a method we have successfully applied in other Local Group galaxies. Our analysis shows that the IC 1613 has had a nearly constant star formation rate, without any dominant star formation episode. read more

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