(Almost) Dark Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey: Isolated HI Bearing Ultra Diffuse Galaxies

31 May 2017 Leisman Lukas Haynes Martha P. Janowiecki Steven Hallenbeck Gregory Józsa Gyula Giovanelli Riccardo Adams Elizabeth A. K. Neira David Bernal Cannon John M. Janesh William F. Rhode Katherine L. Salzer John J.

We present a sample of 115 very low optical surface brightness, highly extended, HI-rich galaxies carefully selected from the ALFALFA survey that have similar optical absolute magnitudes, surface brightnesses, and radii to recently discovered "ultra-diffuse" galaxies (UDGs). However, these systems are bluer and have more irregular morphologies than other UDGs, are isolated, and contain significant reservoirs of HI... (read more)

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