Anti-Deuterons and Anti-Helium Nuclei from Annihilating Dark Matter

26 Aug 2020  ·  Cholis Ilias, Linden Tim, Hooper Dan ·

Recent studies of the cosmic-ray antiproton-to-proton ratio have identified an excess of $\sim$10-20 GeV antiprotons relative to the predictions of standard astrophysical models. Intriguingly, the properties of this excess are consistent with the same range of dark matter models that can account for the long-standing excess of $\gamma$-rays observed from the Galactic Center... Such dark matter candidates can also produce significant fluxes of anti-deuterium and anti-helium nuclei. Here we study the production and transport of such particles, both from astrophysical processes as well as from dark matter annihilation. Importantly, in the case of AMS-02, we find that Alfv\'{e}nic reacceleration (i.e., diffusion in momentum space) can boost the expected number of $\bar{\rm d}$ and ${}^{3}\overline{\textrm{He}}$ events from annihilating dark matter by an order of magnitude or more. For relatively large values of the Alfv\'{e}n speed, and for dark matter candidates that are capable of producing the antiproton and $\gamma$-ray excesses, we expect annihilations to produce a few anti-deuteron events and about one anti-helium event in six years of AMS-02 data. This is particularly interesting in light of recent reports from the AMS-02 Collaboration describing the detection of a number of anti-helium candidate events. read more

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