Central star formation and metallicity in CALIFA interacting galaxies

12 May 2015 Barrera-Ballesteros J. K. Sánchez S. F. García-Lorenzo B. Falcón-Barroso J. Mast D. García-Benito R. Husemann B. van de Ven G. Iglesias-Páramo J. Rosales-Ortega F. F. Pérez-Torres M. A. Márquez I. Kehrig C. Vilchez J. M. Galbany L. López-Sánchez Á. R. Walcher C. J. collaboration the CALIFA

We use optical integral-field spectroscopic (IFS) data from 103 nearby galaxies at different stages of the merging event, from close pairs to merger remnants provided by the CALIFA survey, to study the impact of the interaction in the specific star formation and oxygen abundance on different galactic scales. To disentangle the effect of the interaction and merger from internal processes, we compared our results with a control sample of 80 non-interacting galaxies... (read more)

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