Cold gas in the early Universe. Survey for neutral atomic-carbon in GRB host galaxies at 1 < z < 6 from optical afterglow spectroscopy

25 Oct 2018 Heintz K. E. Ledoux C. Fynbo J. P. U. Jakobsson P. Noterdaeme P. Krogager J. -K. Bolmer J. Møller P. Vergani S. D. Watson D. Zafar T. De Cia A. Tanvir N. R. Malesani D. B. Japelj J. Covino S. Kaper L.

We present a survey for neutral atomic-carbon (CI) along gamma-ray burst (GRB) sightlines, which probes the shielded neutral gas-phase in the interstellar medium (ISM) of GRB host galaxies at high redshift. We compile a sample of 29 medium- to high-resolution GRB optical afterglow spectra spanning a redshift range through most of cosmic time from $1 < z < 6$... (read more)

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