CombineHarvesterFlow: Joint Probe Analysis Made Easy with Normalizing Flows

10 Jun 2024  ·  Peter L. Taylor, Andrei Cuceu, Chun-Hao To, Erik A. Zaborowski ·

We show how to efficiently sample the joint posterior of two non-covariant experiments with a large set of nuisance parameters. Specifically, we train an ensemble of normalizing flows to learn the the posterior distribution of both experiments. Once trained, we can use the flows to draw $\mathcal{O} (10^9)$ samples from the joint posterior of two independent cosmological measurements in seconds -- saving up to $\mathcal{O}(1)$ ton of $\text{CO}_2$ per Monte Carlo run. Using this new technique we find joint constraints between the Dark Energy Survey $3 \times 2$ point measurement, South Pole Telescope and Planck CMB lensing and a BOSS direct fit full shape analyses, for the first time. We find $\Omega_{\rm m} = 0.32^{+0.01}_{-0.01}$ and $S_8 = 0.79 ^ {+0.01}_ {-0.01}$. We release a public package called {\tt CombineHarvesterFlow} ( which performs these calculations.

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