Constraints on the Galactic Inner Halo Assembly History from the Age Gradient of Blue Horizontal-branch Stars

27 Sep 2019 Whitten Devin D. 1 and 2 Beers Timothy C. 1 and 2 Placco Vinicius M. 1 and 2 Santucci Rafael M. 3 and 4 Denissenkov Pavel 5 and 2 Tissera Patricia B. 6 and 7 Mejías Andrea 6 and 7 Hernitschek Nina Carollo Daniela

We present an analysis of the relative age distribution of the Milky Way halo, based on samples of blue horizontal-branch (BHB) stars obtained from the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System and \textit{Galaxy Evolution Explorer} photometry, as well a Sloan Digital Sky Survey spectroscopic sample. A machine-learning approach to the selection of BHB stars is developed, using support vector classification, with which we produce chronographic age maps of the Milky Way halo out to 40\,kpc from the Galactic center... (read more)

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