Discovery and Characterization of a Rare Magnetic Hybrid $β$ Cephei Slowly Pulsating B-type Star in an Eclipsing Binary in the Young Open Cluster NGC 6193

11 Feb 2021 Keivan G. Stassun Guillermo Torres Cole Johnston Daniel J. Stevens Dax L. Feliz Marina Kounkel Luke G. Bouma

As many as 10\% of OB-type stars have global magnetic fields, which is surprising given their internal structure is radiative near the surface. A direct probe of internal structure is pulsations, and some OB-type stars exhibit pressure modes ($\beta$ Cep pulsators) or gravity modes (slowly pulsating B-type stars; SPBs); a few rare cases of hybrid $\beta$ Cep/SPBs occupy a narrow instability strip in the H-R diagram... (read more)

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