Discovery and Validation of a High-Density sub-Neptune from the K2 Mission

28 Jan 2016 Néstor Espinoza Rafael Brahm Andrés Jordán James S. Jenkins Felipe Rojas Paula Jofré Thomas Mädler Markus Rabus Julio Chanamé Blake Pantoja Maritza G. Soto Katie M. Morzinski Jared R. Males Kimberly Ward-Duong Laird M. Close

We report the discovery of BD+20594b, a high density sub-Neptune exoplanet, made using photometry from Campaign 4 of the two-wheeled Kepler (K2) mission, ground-based radial velocity follow-up from HARPS and high resolution lucky and adaptive optics imaging obtained using AstraLux and MagAO, respectively. The host star is a bright ($V=11.04$, $K_s = 9.37$), slightly metal poor ([Fe/H]$=-0.15\pm 0.05$ dex) solar analogue located at $152.1^{+9.7}_{-7.4}$ pc from Earth, for which we find a radius of $R_*=0.928^{+0.055}_{-0.040}R_\odot$ and a mass of $M_* = 0.961^{+0.032}_{-0.029}M_\odot$... (read more)

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