Discovery of an unusually compact lensed Lyman Break Galaxy from the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey

26 Feb 2020 Jaelani Anton T. More Anupreeta Sonnenfeld Alessandro Oguri Masamune Rusu Cristian E. Wong Kenneth C. Chan James H. H. Suyu Sherry H. Kayo Issha Lee Chien-Hsiu Inoue Kaiki T.

We report the serendipitous discovery of HSC J0904$-$0102, a quadruply-lensed Lyman break galaxy (LBG) in the Survey of Gravitationally-lensed Objects in Hyper Suprime-Cam Imaging (SuGOHI). Owing to its point-like appearance, the source was thought to be a lensed active galactic nucleus... (read more)

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