Distribution of Water Vapor in Molecular Clouds. II

10 Mar 2020 Melnick Gary J. CfA Tolls Volker CfA Snell Ronald L. UMass Kaufman Michael J. SJSU Bergin Edwin A. UMich Goicoechea Javier R. CSIC Goldsmith Paul F. JPL González-Alfonso Eduardo Universidad de Alcalá Hollenbach David J. SETI Lis Dariusz C. CalTech Neufeld David A. JHU

The depth-dependent abundance of both gas-phase and solid-state water within dense, quiescent, molecular clouds is important to both the cloud chemistry and gas cooling. Where water is in the gas phase, it's free to participate in the network of ion-neutral reactions that lead to a host of oxygen-bearing molecules, and its many ortho and para energy levels make it an effective coolant for gas temperatures greater than 20K... (read more)

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