Evidence for He I 10830 \AA~ absorption during the transit of a warm Neptune around the M-dwarf GJ 3470 with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder

30 Mar 2020 Ninan Joe P. Stefansson Gudmundur Mahadevan Suvrath Bender Chad Robertson Paul Ramsey Lawrence Terrien Ryan Wright Jason Diddams Scott A. Kanodia Shubham Cochran William Endl Michael Ford Eric B. Fredrick Connor Halverson Samuel Hearty Fred Jennings Jeff Kaplan Kyle Lubar Emily Metcalf Andrew J. Monson Andrew Nitroy Colin Roy Arpita Schwab Christian

Understanding the dynamics and kinematics of out-flowing atmospheres of hot and warm exoplanets is crucial to understanding the origins and evolutionary history of the exoplanets near the evaporation desert. Recently, ground based measurements of the meta-stable Helium atom's resonant absorption at 10830 \AA~has become a powerful probe of the base environment which is driving the outflow of exoplanet atmospheres... (read more)

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