Exoplanet characterisation in the longest known resonant chain: the K2-138 system seen by HARPS

30 Sep 2019 Lopez T. A. Barros S. C. C. Santerne A. Deleuil M. Adibekyan V. Almenara J. -M. Armstrong D. J. Brugger B. Barrado D. Bayliss D. Boisse I. Bonomo A. S. Bouchy F. Brown D. J. A. Carli E. Demangeon O. Dumusque X. Díaz R. F. Faria J. P. Figueira P. Foxell E. Giles H. Hébrard G. Hojjatpanah S. Kirk J. Lillo-Box J. Lovis C. Mousis O. da Nóbrega H. J. Nielsen L. D. Neal J. J. Osborn H. P. Pepe F. Pollacco D. Santos N. C. Sousa S. G. Udry S. Vigan A. Wheatley P. J.

The detection of low-mass transiting exoplanets in multiple systems brings new constraints to planetary formation and evolution processes and challenges the current planet formation theories. Nevertheless, only a mere fraction of the small planets detected by Kepler and K2 have precise mass measurements, which are mandatory to constrain their composition... (read more)

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