Foam: A Python package for forward asteroseismic modelling of gravity modes

10 Jun 2024  ·  Mathias Michielsen ·

Asteroseismology, the study of stellar pulsations, offers insights into the internal structures and evolution of stars. Analysing the variations in a star's brightness allows the determination of fundamental properties such as mass, radius, age, and chemical composition. Asteroseismology heavily relies on computational tools, but a significant number of them are closed-source, thus inaccessible to the broader astronomic community. This manuscript presents Foam, a Python package designed to perform forward asteroseismic modelling of stars exhibiting gravity modes. It automates and streamlines a considerable fraction of the modelling process, comparing grids of theoretical stellar models and their oscillation frequencies to observed frequency sets in stars. Foam offers the flexibility to employ diverse modelling approaches, allowing users to choose different methodologies for matching theoretically predicted oscillations to observations. It provides options to utilise various sets of observables for comparison with their theoretical counterparts, employ different merit functions for assessing goodness of fit, and to incorporate nested subgrids in a statistically rigorous manner. For applications of these methodologies in modelling observed gravity modes, refer to Michielsen et al. (2021) and Michielsen et al. (2023).

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