Gaia Data Release 2. Calibration and mitigation of electronic offset effects in the data

25 Apr 2018 Hambly N. C. Cropper M. Boudreault S. Crowley C. Kohley R. de Bruijne J. H. J. Dolding C. Fabricius C. Seabroke G. Davidson M. Rowell N. Collins R. Cross N. Martin-Fleitas J. Baker S. Smith M. Sartoretti P. Marchal O. Katz D. de Angeli F. Busso G. Riello M. Prieto C. Allende Els S. Corcione L. Masana E. Luri X. Chassat F. Fusero F. Pasquier J. F. Vetel C. Sarri G. Gare P.

The European Space Agency Gaia satellite was launched into orbit around L2 in December 2013. This ambitious mission has strict requirements on residual systematic errors resulting from instrumental corrections in order to meet a design goal of sub-10 microarcsecond astrometry... (read more)

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