HETDEX Pilot Survey. VI. [OIII] Emitters and Expectations for a Local Sample of Star Forming Galaxies in HETDEX

30 Aug 2019 Indahl Briana Zeimann Greg Hill Gary J. Finkelstein Steven L. Ciardullo Robin Bridge Joanna S. Chonis Taylor Drory Niv Gronwall Caryl Lee Hanshin McQuinn Kristen

We assemble an unbiased sample of 29 galaxies with [O II] $\lambda 3727$ and/or [O III] $\lambda 5007$ detections at $z < 0.15$ from the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) Pilot Survey (HPS). HPS finds galaxies without pre-selection based on their detected emission lines via integral field spectroscopy... (read more)

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