Interacting scalar tensor cosmology in light of SNeIa, CMB, BAO and OHD observational data sets

27 Jan 2016  ·  Rabiei Sayed Wrya, Sheikhahmadi Haidar, Saaidi Khaled, Aghamohammadi Ali ·

During this work, an interacting chameleon like scalar field scenario, by considering SNeIa, CMB, BAO and OHD data sets is investigated. In fact, the investigation is realized by introducing an ansatz for the effective dark energy equation of state, which mimics the behaviour of chameleon like models... Based on this assumption, some cosmological parameters including Hubble, deceleration and coincidence parameters in such mechanism are analysed. It is realized that, to estimate the free parameters of a theoretical model, by regarding the systematic errors it better the whole of the above observational data sets to be considered. In fact, if one considers SNeIa, CMB and BAO but disregards OHD it maybe leads to different results. Also to get a better overlap between the counters with the constraint $\chi _{\rm{m}}^2\leq 1$, the $\chi _{\rm{T}}^2$ function could be re-weighted. The relative probability functions are plotted for marginalized likelihood $\mathcal{L} (\Omega_{\rm{m0}} ,\omega_1, \beta)$ according to two dimensional confidence levels $68.3\%$, $90\%$ and $95.4\%$. Meanwhile, the value of free parameters which maximize the marginalized likelihoods using above confidence levels are obtained. In addition, based on these calculations the minimum value of $\chi^2$ based on free parameters of an ansatz for the effective dark energy equation of state are achieved. read more

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Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics