Interactions among intermediate redshift galaxies. The case of SDSSJ134420.86+663717.8

26 May 2020  ·  Misquitta Persis, Bowles Micah, Eckart Andreas, Yttergren Madeleine, Busch Gerold, Valencia-S. Monica, Fazeli Nastaran ·

We present the properties of the central supermassive black holes and the host galaxies of the interacting object SDSSJ134420.86+663717.8. We obtained optical long slit spectroscopy data from the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) using the Multi Object Double Spectrograph (MODS). Analysing the spectra revealed several strong broad and narrow emission lines of ionised gas in the nuclear region of one galaxy, whereas only narrow emission lines were visible for the second galaxy. The optical spectra were used to plot diagnostic diagrams, deduce rotation curves of the two galaxies, and calculate the masses of the central supermassive black holes. We find that the galaxy with broad emission line features has Seyfert~1 properties, while the galaxy with only narrow emission line features seems to be star-forming in nature. Furthermore, we find that the masses of the central supermassive black holes are almost equal at a few times 10^7 solar mass. Additionally, we present a simple N-body simulation to shed some light on the initial conditions of the progenitor galaxies. We find that for an almost orthogonal approach of the two interacting galaxies, the model resembles the optical image of the system.

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Astrophysics of Galaxies