Localized correlated features in the CMB power spectrum and primordial bispectrum from a transient reduction in the speed of sound

16 Oct 2015  ·  Achucarro Ana, Atal Vicente, Ortiz Pablo, Torrado Jesus ·

The first year of observations by the Planck satellite mission shows that the cosmic microwave background (CMB) fluctuations are consistent with gaussian statistics in the primordial perturbations, a key prediction of the simplest models of inflation. However, there are hints of anomalies in the CMB power spectrum and bispectrum... We check for the possibility that some of these anomalous features have a common physical origin in a transient reduction of the inflaton speed of sound. We do this by exploiting predicted correlations between the power spectrum and bispectrum. Our results suggest that current data might already be sensitive enough to detect transient reductions in the speed of sound as mild as a few percent. Since this is a signature of interactions, it opens a new window for the detection of extra degrees of freedom during inflation. read more

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