Mass ejection from disks surrounding a low-mass black hole: Viscous neutrino-radiation hydrodynamics simulation in full general relativity

13 Jan 2020 Fujibayashi Sho Shibata Masaru Wanajo Shinya Kiuchi Kenta Kyutoku Koutarou Sekiguchi Yuichiro

New viscous neutrino-radiation hydrodynamics simulations are performed for accretion disks surrounding a spinning black hole with low mass $3M_\odot$ and dimensionless spin 0.8 or 0.6 in full general relativity, aiming at modeling the evolution of a merger remnant of massive binary neutron stars or low-mass black hole-neutron star binaries. We reconfirm the following results found by previous studies of other groups: 15-30% of the disk mass is ejected from the system with the average velocity of $\sim $5-10% of the speed of light for the plausible profile of the disk as merger remnants... (read more)

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