Models of rotating coronae

10 Sep 2018 Mattia C. Sormani Emanuele Sobacchi Gabriele Pezzulli James Binney Ralf S. Klessen

Fitting equilibrium dynamical models to observational data is an essential step in understanding the structure of the gaseous hot haloes that surround our own and other galaxies. However, the two main categories of models that are used in the literature are poorly suited for this task: (i) simple barotropic models are analytic and can therefore be adjusted to match the observations, but are clearly unrealistic because the rotational velocity $v_\phi(R,z)$ does not depend on the distance $z$ from the galactic plane, while (ii) models obtained as a result of cosmological galaxy formation simulations are more realistic, but are impractical to fit to observations due to high computational cost... (read more)

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