MPS-ATLAS library of stellar model atmospheres and spectra

5 Mar 2023  ·  N. Kostogryz, A. I Shapiro, V. Witzke, D. Grant, H. R. Wakeford, K. B. Stevenson, S. K. Solanki, L. Gizon ·

Stellar spectra contain a large amount of information about the conditions in stellar atmospheres. However, extracting this information is challenging and demands comprehensive numerical modelling. Here, we present stellar spectra synthesized using the recently developed state-of-the-art MPS-ATLAS code on a fine grid of stellar fundamental parameters. These calculations have been extensively validated against solar and stellar observations and can be used for various astrophysical applications. The spectra are available at the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL, and have been also incorporated into the ExoTiC-LD python package ( which returns stellar limb darkening coefficients used for the software package Exoplanet Timeseries Characterisation (ExoTic).

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