Observations of the 86 GHz SiO maser sources in the Central Parsec of the Galactic Centre

30 Sep 2019  ·  Borkar A., Eckart A., Straubmeier C., Sjouwerman L. O., Karas V., Kunneriath D., Moser L., Britzen S., Valencia-S M., Donea A., Zensus A. ·

We present results of 3 mm observations of SiO maser sources in the Galactic Centre (GC) from observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array between $2010-2014$, along the transitions of the SiO molecule at $v = 1, J = 2-1$ at 86.243 GHz and $v = 2, J = 2-1$ at 85.640 GHz. We also present the results of the 3 mm observations with Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA)... We detected 5 maser sources from the ATCA data, IRS 7, IRS 9, IRS 10EE, IRS 12N, and IRS 28; and 20 sources from the ALMA data including 4 new sources. These sources are predominantly late-type giants or emission line stars with strong circumstellar maser emission. We analyse these sources and calculate their proper motions. We also study the variability of the maser emission. IRS 7, IRS 12N and IRS 28 exhibit long period variability of the order of $1 - 2$ years, while other sources show steady increase or decrease in flux density and irregular variability over observation timescales. This behaviour is consistent with the previous observations. read more

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Astrophysics of Galaxies Solar and Stellar Astrophysics