On the radial velocity calibrations in the LAMOST Medium-Resolution Spectroscopic Survey of Nebulae

14 Aug 2020  ·  Ren Juan-Juan, Wu Hong, Wu Chao-Jian, Zhang Wei, Chen Jian-Jun, Hsia Chih-Hao, Yang Fan, Liu Chao, Shi Jian-Rong, Wu Yu-Zhong, Zhu Hui, Li Bin, Bai Zhong-Rui, Tian Hao, Hou Yong-Hui ·

Accurate radial velocity determinations of optical emission lines (i.e. [NII]${\lambda}{\lambda}$6548,6584, H${\alpha}$, and [SII]${\lambda}{\lambda}$6717,6731) are very important for investigating the kinematics and dynamics properties of nebulae. The second stage survey program of Large sky Area Multi-Object fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) has started a sub-survey of nebulae (MRS-N) which will spectroscopically observe the optical emission lines of a large sample of nebulae near the Galactic plane... Until now, 15 MRS-N plates have been observed from 2017 September to 2019 June. Based on fitting the sky emission lines in the red band spectra of MRS-N, we investigate the precision of wavelength calibration and find there are systematic deviations of radial velocities (RVs) from $\sim$0.2 to 4 km/s for different plates. Especially for the plates obtained in 2018 March, the systematic deviations of RVs can be as large as $\sim$4 km/s, which then go down to $\sim$0.2-0.5 km/s at the end of 2018 and January 2019. A RVs calibration function is proposed for these MRS-N plates, which can simultaneously and successfully calibration the systematic deviations and improve the precision of RVs. read more

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