Optical and Infrared Photometry of SN 2005df

28 Nov 2017  ·  Krisciunas Kevin, Suntzeff Nicholas B., Espinoza Juan, Gonzalez David, Miranda Alberto, Sanhueza Pedro ·

We present optical BVRI and near-infrared YJHK_s photometry of the normal Type Ia supernova 2005df, obtained with the CTIO 1.3-m and 0.9-m telescopes. The B- and V-band photometry, S-corrected to the filter prescriptions of Bessell(1990), matches the corresponding photometry from the ANU published by Milne et al. (2010)... The R-band photometry from CTIO and ANU matches well without any corrections. A combination of V-band and near-IR photometry shows that SN 2005df is unreddened in its host galaxy. Spectropolarimetry of this supernova was obtained with the VLT, and the distance to the host galaxy is being determined from observations of Cepheids using the Hubble Space Telescope. read more

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Solar and Stellar Astrophysics