Optical Linear Polarization toward the Open Star Cluster Casado Alessi 1

30 Jan 2020  ·  Singh Sadhana, Pandey Jeewan C., Yadav R. K. S., Medhi Biman J. ·

We present B-, V-, R-, and I-bands linear polarimetric observations of 73 stars in the direction of open star cluster Casado Alessi 1 (hereafter Alessi 1). We aim to use polarimetry as a tool to investigate the properties and distribution of dust grains toward the direction of the cluster... The polarimetric observations were carried out using the ARIES IMaging POLarimeter mounted at the 104 cm telescope of ARIES, Nainital (India). Using the Gaia photometric data the age and distance of the cluster are estimated to be $0.8\pm0.1$ Gyr and $673\pm98$ pc, respectively. A total of 66 stars with a 26 arcmin radius from the cluster are identified as members of the cluster using the astrometric approach. Out of these 66 members, 15 stars were observed polarimetrically and found to have the same value of polarization. The majority of the stars in the region follow the general law of the polarization for the interstellar medium, indicating that polarization toward the cluster Alessi 1 is dominated by foreground dust grains. The average values of the maximum polarization ($P_{max}$) and the wavelength corresponding to the maximum polarization ($\lambda_{max}$) toward the cluster are found to be $0.83\pm0.03$% and $0.59\pm0.04$ $\mu$m, respectively. Also, dust grains toward the cluster appear to be aligned, possibly due to the galactic magnetic field. read more

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Astrophysics of Galaxies