Photometric Calibration of the $[\alpha/$Fe] Element: II. Calibration with SDSS Photometry

29 Aug 2017  ·  Gokce E. Yaz, Bilir S., Karaali S., Plevne O. ·

We present the calibration of the [$\alpha/$Fe] element in terms of ultra-violet excess for 465 dwarf stars with spectral type F0-K2. We used a single calibration, fitted to a third degree polynomial with a square of the correlation coefficient 0.74 and standard deviation 0.05 mag, for all stars due to their small colour range, $0.1<(g-r)_0\leq 0.6$ mag, and high frequency in the blueward of the spectrum which minimize the guillotine effect... Our calibration provides [$\alpha/$Fe] elements in the range $(-0.05, 0.35]$ dex. We applied the procedure to a high-latitude field, $85^\circ \leq b \leq 90^\circ$ with size 78 deg$^2$ and we could estimate the [$\alpha/$Fe] elements of 23,414 dwarf stars which occupy a Galactic region up to a vertical distance of $z=9$ kpc. We could detect a small positive gradient, $d[\alpha/{\rm Fe}]/dz=+0.032 \pm0.002$ dex kpc$^{-1}$, for the range $0<z<5$ kpc, while the distribution of the [$\alpha/$Fe] element is flat for further $z$ distances. read more

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Astrophysics of Galaxies