Prevalence of SED turndown among classical Be stars: Are all Be stars close binaries?

11 Dec 2019 Klement Robert Carciofi A. C. Rivinius T. Ignace R. Matthews L. D. Torstensson K. Gies D. Vieira R. G. Richardson N. D. de Souza A. Domiciano Bjorkman J. E. Hallinan G. Faes D. M. Mota B. Gullingsrud A. D. de Breuck C. Kervella P. Curé M. Gunawan D.

Rapid rotation is a fundamental characteristic of classical Be stars and a crucial property allowing for the formation of their circumstellar disks. Past evolution in a mass and angular momentum transferring binary system offers a plausible solution to how Be stars attained their fast rotation... (read more)

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