Probing the kinematic morphology-density relation of early-type galaxies with MaNGA

25 Aug 2017  ·  Greene J. E., Leauthaud A., Emsellem E., Goddard D., Ge J., Andrews B. H., Brinkman J., Brownstein J. R., Greco J. P., Law D., Lin Y. -T., Masters K. L., Merrifield M., More S., Okabe N., Schneider D. P., Thomas D., Wake D. A., Yan R., Drory N. ·

The "kinematic" morphology-density relation for early-type galaxies posits that those galaxies with low angular momentum are preferentially found in the highest-density regions of the universe. We use a large sample of galaxy groups with halo masses 10^12.5 < M_halo < 10^14.5 M_sun/h observed with the Mapping Nearby Galaxies at APO (MaNGA) survey to examine whether there is a correlation between local environment and rotational support that is independent of stellar mass... We find no compelling evidence for a relationship between the angular momentum content of early-type galaxies and either local overdensity or radial position within the group at fixed stellar mass. read more

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Astrophysics of Galaxies