PypeIt: The Python Spectroscopic Data Reduction Pipeline

19 May 2020  ·  Prochaska J. Xavier, Hennawi Joseph F., Westfall Kyle B., Cooke Ryan J., Wang Feige, Hsyu Tiffany, Davies Frederick B., Farina Emanuele Paolo ·

PypeIt is a Python package for semi-automated reduction of astronomical, spectroscopic data. Its algorithms build on decades-long development of previous data reduction pipelines by the developers (Bernstein, Burles, & Prochaska, 2015; Bochanski et al., 2009). The reduction procedure -- including a complete list of the input parameters and available functionality -- is provided as online documentation hosted by Read the Docs, which is regularly updated. ( Release v1.0.3 serves the following spectrographs: Gemini/GNIRS, Gemini/GMOS, Gemini/FLAMINGOS 2, Lick/Kast, Magellan/MagE, Magellan/Fire, MDM/OSMOS, Keck/DEIMOS (600ZD, 830G, 1200G), Keck/LRIS, Keck/MOSFIRE (J and Y gratings tested), Keck/NIRES, Keck/NIRSPEC (low-dispersion), LBT/Luci-I, Luci-II, LBT/MODS (beta), NOT/ALFOSC (grism4), VLT/X-Shooter (VIS, NIR), VLT/FORS2 (300I, 300V), WHT/ISIS.

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