Radio frequency interference mitigation using deep convolutional neural networks

28 Sep 2016  ·  Joel Akeret, Chihway Chang, Aurelien Lucchi, Alexandre Refregier ·

We propose a novel approach for mitigating radio frequency interference (RFI) signals in radio data using the latest advances in deep learning. We employ a special type of Convolutional Neural Network, the U-Net, that enables the classification of clean signal and RFI signatures in 2D time-ordered data acquired from a radio telescope. We train and assess the performance of this network using the HIDE & SEEK radio data simulation and processing packages, as well as early Science Verification data acquired with the 7m single-dish telescope at the Bleien Observatory. We find that our U-Net implementation is showing competitive accuracy to classical RFI mitigation algorithms such as SEEK's SumThreshold implementation. We publish our U-Net software package on GitHub under GPLv3 license.

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Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics