Radio Observations of the Region around the Pulsar Wind Nebula HESS J1303-631 with ATCA

19 Jun 2017  ·  Sushch Iurii, Oya Igor, Schwanke Ullrich, Johnston Simon, Dalton Matthew L. ·

Radio observations of the region surrounding PSR J1301-6305 at 5.5 GHz and 7.5 GHz were conducted with ATCA on September 5th, 2013. They were dedicated to the search of the radio counterpart of the evolved pulsar wind nebula HESS J1303-631, detected in X-rays and GeV-TeV gamma-rays... The collected data do not reveal any significant extended emission associated with PSR J1301-6305. In addition, archival 1.384 GHz and 2.368 GHz data do not show any evidence for a radio counterpart of HESS J1303-631. Archival 1.384 GHz observations reveal a detection of an extended structure centred at an angular distance of 190 from the pulsar. This extended structure might be a Supernova remnant (SNR) and a potential birth place of PSR J1301-6305. The implications of the lack of radio counterpart of HESS J1303-631 on the understanding of the nature of the PWN are discussed. read more

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High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena