Rapid Black Hole Growth at the Dawn of the Universe: A Super-Eddington Quasar at z=6.6

11 Jan 2019 Tang Ji-Jia Goto Tomotsugu Ohyama Youichi Jin Chichuan Done Chris Lu Ting-Yi Hashimoto Tetsuya Eser Ece Kilerci Chiang Chia-Ying Kim Seong Jin

We present the analysis of a new near-infrared (NIR) spectrum of a recently discovered $z=6.621$ quasar PSO J006+39 in an attempt to explore the early growth of supermassive black holes (SMBHs). This NIR (rest-frame ultraviolet, UV) spectrum shows blue continuum slope and rich metal emission lines in addition to Ly$\alpha$ line... (read more)

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