SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey Data Release 12: galaxy target selection and large scale structure catalogues

22 Sep 2015 Beth Reid Shirley Ho Nikhil Padmanabhan Will J. Percival Jeremy Tinker Rita Tojeiro Martin White Daniel J. Eisenstein Claudia Maraston Ashley J. Ross Ariel G. Sanchez David Schlegel Erin Sheldon Michael A. Strauss Daniel Thomas David Wake Florian Beutler Dmitry Bizyaev Adam S. Bolton Joel R. Brownstein Chia-Hsun Chuang Kyle Dawson Paul Harding Francisco-Shu Kitaura Alexie Leauthaud Karen Masters Cameron K. McBride Surhud More Matthew D. Olmstead Daniel Oravetz Sebastian E. Nuza Kaike Pan John Parejko Janine Pforr Francisco Prada Sergio Rodriguez-Torres Salvador Salazar-Albornoz Lado Samushia Donald P. Schneider Claudia G. Scoccola Audrey Simmons Mariana Vargas-Magana

The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) III project, has provided the largest survey of galaxy redshifts available to date, in terms of both the number of galaxy redshifts measured by a single survey, and the effective cosmological volume covered. Key to analysing the clustering of these data to provide cosmological measurements is understanding the detailed properties of this sample... (read more)

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