The Age and Distance of the Kepler Open Cluster NGC 6811 from an Eclipsing Binary, Turnoff Star Pulsation, and Giant Asteroseismology

12 Aug 2016 Sandquist Eric L. San Diego State University Jessen-Hansen J. Aarhus University Shetrone Matthew D. McDonald Observatory Brogaard Karsten Aarhus University Meibom Soren Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Leitner Marika Humboldt State University Stello Dennis Sydney Institute for Astronomy Bruntt Hans Aarhus University Antoci Victoria Aarhus University Orosz Jerome A. San Diego State University Grundahl Frank Aarhus University Frandsen Soren Aarhus University

We present the analysis of an eccentric, partially eclipsing long-period ($P=19.23$ d) binary system KIC 9777062 that contains main sequence stars near the turnoff of the intermediate age open cluster NGC 6811. The primary is a metal-lined Am star with a possible convective blueshift to its radial velocities, and one star (probably the secondary) is likely to be a $\gamma$ Dor pulsator... (read more)

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