The AUTOmated Photometry Of Transients (AutoPhOT) pipeline

7 Jan 2022  ·  S. J. Brennan, M. Fraser ·

We present the $\textit{AUTOmated Photometry Of Transients}$ (AutoPhOT) package, a novel automated pipeline that is designed for rapid, publication-quality photometry of transients. AutoPhOT is built from the ground up using Python 3 - with no dependencies on legacy software... Capabilities of AutoPhOT include aperture and PSF-fitting photometry, template subtraction, and calculation of limiting magnitudes through artificial source injection. AutoPhOT is also capable of calibrating photometry against either survey catalogs (e.g. SDSS, PanSTARRS), or using a custom set of local photometric standards. We demonstrate the ability of AutoPhOT to reproduce lightcurves found in the published literature. AutoPhOT's ability to recover source fluxes is consistent with commonly used software e.g. DAOPHOT, using both aperture and PSF photometry. We also demonstrate that AutoPhOT can reproduce published lightcurves for a selection of transients with minimal human intervention. read more

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Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena