The Clustering of Galaxies in the Completed SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: single-probe measurements from DR12 galaxy clustering -- towards an accurate model

11 Jul 2016 Chuang Chia-Hsun Pellejero-Ibanez Marcos Rodríguez-Torres Sergio Ross Ashley J. Zhao Gong-bo Wang Yuting Cuesta Antonio J. Rubiño-Martín J. A. Prada Francisco Alam Shadab Beutler Florian Eisenstein Daniel J. Gil-Marín Héctor Grieb Jan Niklas Ho Shirley Kitaura Francisco-Shu Percival Will J. Rossi Graziano Salazar-Albornoz Salvador Samushia Lado Sánchez Ariel G. Satpathy Siddharth Slosar Anže Tinker Jeremy L. Tojeiro Rita Vargas-Magaña Mariana Vazquez Jose A Brownstein Joel R. Nichol Robert C Olmstead Matthew D

We analyse the broad-range shape of the monopole and quadrupole correlation functions of the BOSS Data Release 12 (DR12) CMASS and LOWZ galaxy sample to obtain constraints on the Hubble expansion rate $H(z)$, the angular-diameter distance $D_A(z)$, the normalised growth rate $f(z)\sigma_8(z)$, and the physical matter density $\Omega_mh^2$. We adopt wide and flat priors on all model parameters in order to ensure the results are those of a `single-probe' galaxy clustering analysis... (read more)

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