The Gaia-Kepler Stellar Properties Catalog. I. Homogeneous Fundamental Properties for 186,301 Kepler Stars

21 Jan 2020  ·  Travis A. Berger, Daniel Huber, Jennifer L. van Saders, Eric Gaidos, Jamie Tayar, Adam L. Kraus ·

An accurate and precise Kepler Stellar Properties Catalog is essential for the interpretation of the Kepler exoplanet survey results. Previous Kepler Stellar Properties Catalogs have focused on reporting the best-available parameters for each star, but this has required combining data from a variety of heterogeneous sources... We present the Gaia-Kepler Stellar Properties Catalog, a set of stellar properties of 186,301 Kepler stars, homogeneously derived from isochrones and broadband photometry, Gaia Data Release 2 parallaxes, and spectroscopic metallicities, where available. Our photometric effective temperatures, derived from $g-K_s$ colors, are calibrated on stars with interferometric angular diameters. Median catalog uncertainties are 112 K for $T_{\mathrm{eff}}$, 0.05 dex for $\log g$, 4% for $R_\star$, 7% for $M_\star$, 13% for $\rho_\star$, 10% for $L_\star$, and 56% for stellar age. These precise constraints on stellar properties for this sample of stars will allow unprecedented investigations into trends in stellar and exoplanet properties as a function of stellar mass and age. In addition, our homogeneous parameter determinations will permit more accurate calculations of planet occurrence and trends with stellar properties. read more

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