The Hubble constant from SN Refsdal

19 Jan 2018  ·  Vega-Ferrero J., Diego J. M., Miranda V., Bernstein G. M. ·

Hubble Space Telescope observations from December 11 2015 detected the expected fifth counter image of SN Refsdal at $z = 1.49$. In this letter, we compare the time delay predictions from numerous models with the measured value derived by \citet{Kelly2016a} from very early data in the light curve of the SN Refsdal, and find a best value for $H_0 = 64^{+9}_{-11}~\mathrm{km~s^{-1}~Mpc^{-1}}$ (68\% CL), in excellent agreement with predictions from CMB and recent weak lensing data + BAO + BBN (from the DES Collaboration)... This is the first constraint on $H_0$ derived from time delays between multiple lensed SN images, and the first with a galaxy cluster lens, so subject to systematic effects different from other time-delay $H_0$ estimates. Additional time delay measurements from new multiply-imaged SNe will allow derivation of competitive constraints on $H_0$. read more

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Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Astrophysics of Galaxies