The Imprint of Reionization on the Star Formation Histories of Dwarf Galaxies

21 May 2014 Alejandro Benítez-Llambay Julio F. Navarro Mario G. Abadi Stefan Gottloeber Gustavo Yepes Yehuda Hoffman Matthias Steinmetz

We explore the impact of cosmic reionization on nearby isolated dwarf galaxies using a compilation of SFHs estimated from deep HST data and a cosmological hydrodynamical simulation of the Local Group. The nearby dwarfs show a wide diversity of star formation histories; from ancient systems that have largely completed their star formation $\sim 10$ Gyr ago to young dwarfs that have formed the majority of their stars in the past $\sim 5$ Gyr to two-component systems characterized by the overlap of comparable numbers of old and young stars... (read more)

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