The Leoncino Dwarf Galaxy: Exploring the Low-Metallicity End of the Luminosity-Metallicity and Mass-Metallcity Relations

26 Feb 2020 McQuinn Kristen. B. W. Berg Danielle A. Skillman Evan D. Adams Elizabeth Cannon John M. Dolphin Andrew E. Salzer John J. Giovanelli Riccardo Haynes Martha P. Hirschauer Alec S. Janoweicki Steven Klapkowski Myles Rhode Katherine L.

Extremely metal-poor (XMP) galaxies are low-mass, star-forming galaxies with gas-phase oxygen abundances below 12+log(O/H) = 7.35 (~1/20 Zsun). Galaxy evolution scenarios suggest three pathways to form an XMP: (1) secular evolution at low galaxy masses, (2) slow evolution in voids, or (3) dilution of measured abundances from infall of pristine gas... (read more)

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