The MUSE Ultra Deep Field (MUDF). I. Discovery of a group of Ly$\alpha$ nebulae associated with a bright $z\approx 3.23$ quasar pair

12 Mar 2019 Lusso E. Durham-CEA Fumagalli M. Fossati M. Mackenzie R. Bielby R. M. Battaia F. Arrigoni Cantalupo S. Cooke R. Cristiani S. Dayal P. D'Odorico V. Haardt F. Lofthouse E. Morris S. Peroux C. Prichard L. Rafelski M. Simcoe R. Swinbank A. M. Theuns T.

We present first results from Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) observations at the Very Large Telescope in the MUSE Ultra Deep Field (MUDF), a $\approx 1.2\times 1.4$ arcmin$^2$ region for which we are collecting $\approx$200 hours of integral field spectroscopy. The $\approx 40$-hour observation completed to date reveals the presence of a group of three Ly$\alpha$ nebulae associated with a bright quasar pair at $z\simeq3.23$ with projected separation of $\approx 500\rm~kpc$... (read more)

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