The Type II-Plateau Supernova 2017eaw in NGC 6946 and Its Red Supergiant Progenitor

18 Apr 2019 Van Dyk Schuyler D. Zheng WeiKang Maund Justyn R. Brink Thomas G. Srinivasan Sundar Andrews Jennifer E. Smith Nathan Leonard Douglas C. Morozova Viktoriya Filippenko Alexei V. Conner Brody Milisavljevic Dan de Jaeger Thomas Long Knox S. Isaacson Howard Crossfield Ian J. M. Kosiarek Molly R. Howard Andrew W. Fox Ori D. Kelly Patrick L. Piro Anthony L. Littlefair Stuart P. Dhillon Vik S. Wilson Richard Butterley Timothy Yunus Sameen Channa Sanyum Jeffers Benjamin T. Falcon Edward Ross Timothy W. Hestenes Julia C. Stegman Samantha M. Zhang Keto Kumar Sahana

We present extensive optical photometric and spectroscopic observations, from 4 to 482 days after explosion, of the Type II-plateau (II-P) supernova (SN) 2017eaw in NGC 6946. SN 2017eaw is a normal SN II-P intermediate in properties between, for example, SN 1999em and SN 2012aw and the more luminous SN 2004et, also in NGC 6946... (read more)

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