The warm and dense Galaxy - tracing the formation of dense cloud structures out to the Galactic Center

11 Mar 2019  ·  Stanke Thomas, Beuther Henrik, Kauffmann Jens, Klaassen Pamela, Perez-Beaupuits Juan-Pablo, Johnstone Doug, Colombo Dario, Hacar Alvaro, Schuller Frederic, Sadavoy Sarah, Soler Juan, Hatchell Jennifer, Lumsden Stuart, Kulesa Craig ·

The past two decades have seen extensive surveys of the far-infrared to submillimeter continuum emission in the plane of our Galaxy. We line out prospects for the coming decade for corresponding molecular and atomic line surveys which are needed to fully understand the formation of the dense structures that give birth to clusters and stars out of the diffuse interstellar medium... We propose to work towards Galaxy wide surveys in mid-J CO lines to trace shocks from colliding clouds, Galaxy-wide surveys for atomic Carbon lines in order to get a detailed understanding of the relation of atomic and molecular gas in clouds, and to perform extensive surveys of the structure of the dense parts of molecular clouds to understand the importance of filaments/fibers over the full range of Galactic environments and to study how dense cloud cores are formed from the filaments. This work will require a large (50m) Single Dish submillimeter telescope equipped with massively multipixel spectrometer arrays, such as envisaged by the AtLAST project. read more

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Astrophysics of Galaxies